​​Purpose me perfect

"Be Great Initiative" - A workshop for the youth that focuses on living the best life possible. We encourage youth and young adults to tap into their God-given talents to reach their fullest potential. Every opportunity that life presents is a chance to be great-- to be distinguished. God made us all perfect for a specific purpose and only you can unleash your greatness.

Session #1 - "The Best of Me"

"Perfect For The Purpose" - A workshop for the youth to help discover or re-discover your life's purpose. Our goal is to illuminate the perfect and authentic you that was created by God.  Knowing your true purpose will provide definition and structure to your life. Our focus is to help you find out who you are, what drives you, what you want to accomplish in life and how you will you reach your goals.  We want to provide tools to encourage you on your journey to living a purposeful and meaningful life. We want to reiterate that you are uniquely designed and one of a kind. You were created perfect for God's purpose!

Session #1 - "Live on Purpose" 

"Make A Move"- A workshop aimed at helping young boys and young men to be ambassadors of change.  We build on skills to develop character, discipline, self-respect, integrity, individuality and a solid moral compass. We address family structure, pressures, male roles, crime prevention and decision-making skills. We  also tackle the obstacles associated with the milestones of adolescence to adulthood. Our workshop provides examples of positive male leadership and role models as a guide. Our goal is to empower our young men to be upstanding leaders in society. We want to support our young males as they transition from boys to men!

Session #1- "Dare To Be King"

​Session #2 - "King Me"

"I Inspire My Beautiful"  - A workshop that helps young girls and young women to build self-esteem, confidence, self-respect, self-love and self-worth.  Our workshop places emphasis on self-value and purpose while addressing identity issues, peer pressure and social development. We provide role models  and guest speakers that embody the same core principles as living testimonies. Our goal is to help develop powerful, fearless, bold female leaders who make educated decisions and healthy choices.  We want to reinforce that our girls and young women are uniquely designed and one of a kind. We promote Girl Power and embracing the authentic you!  

Beholder Embracing All Unique Tailored Imperfections For Ultimate Living

Session #1 - "Bold and Beautiful"​​​​ 

Session #2 - "Southern Pearl" 



*Participants will be assigned to age appropriate groups*



*Guest Speakers, round table discussions, empowerment sessions, one-on-one ​coaching, group and individual activities and more *